French Ligue 1 Soccer Live Streaming

Watch Most Exciting All Soccer/Football Match Like..French Ligue 1, formerly called National and thereafter Division 1, was founded in 1932. Nowadays twenty teams play in France’s highest division with Montpellier being the current 2011 – 2012 champion.


This year a lot of money was invested in PSG who now have both Ibrahimovic and Beckham playing for them. They are atop of the Ligue 1 and were only eliminated in the Champions League by FC Barcelona. PSG will probably be the new French champion, thus playing in the Champions League of 2013 2014.


Meanwhile Marseille need to hold their second place for which they have a 4 point gap with Saint-Etienne and Olympique Lyon.We are coverage for All Soccer Match & more than 20.000 live events with live Soccer during the year Just kick off tv link and get the site. So, don’t miss to watch this live Soccer Match.

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